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Ann Gomez

"My name is Ann Gomez. I came to Canada in 2007 as a Food Counter attendant. After one year, I became a Restaurant Supervisor which allowed me to bring my husband and our children over to Canada. Tita Virgie Tang of T.R.M. Consultants, Ltd. Helped us and treated us as family since we arrived in Canada until we obtain our Canadian Citizenship. I am currently working as a Registry Agent at Alberta Motors Association and my husband works for Canada Post."

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Patrick Rabara

“It’s a countless achievement to this privilege in becoming a Canadian Citizen through the assistance of Virgie Tang RCIC (Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant) Grande Prairie.”

Mary Ann A. Montecalvo

"I came to Canada in 2013 as a Temporary Foreign Worker and worked as a food service supervisor at A&W. My family followed me to Canada after 6 months and within 5 years, I was able to buy a house, become a Canadian Citizen and enroll in the Licensed Practitioner Program. Virginia Tang, RCIC, assisted us in coming to Canada and becoming a Canadian citizen. She continuously guided us in the advancement of my family’s career in Canada."

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Joey Gomez

I am Joey Gomez. I came to Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada on November 3, 2007 as a Food Service Supervisor in one of the fast food chains here. From there, in different business establishments and now I am working in Building Operations Maintenance for the City of Grande Prairie in one of the biggest recreational facilities in northern Alberta. On April 15, 2012 I got reunited with my family – my wife and our four boys. Our sons went to school here while my wife and I went to work. On April 19, 2016 my sons and my wife finally got their permanent residency. All these things that we are enjoying now in Grande Prairie – the luxury, comfort, benefits of Canadian generosity and self fulfillment will never be possible – they will all remain a dream without the genuine help of Virginia Tang or Ma’am Virgie for me. Tita Virgie for others. For me she’s the epitome of what a real and professional Immigration Consultant should be – knowledgeable, honest and above all she took care of us like her real children. She, together with her husband, Tito Ken would take care of me and all the people I know that Mam Virgie brought here in Canada like treating us like their own children. I can write a novel on those instances that this couple has helped people like me. I was once a dreamer, a spectator, a listener, an attendee like you. I set my goals and with the help of the right, honest to goodness people like Ma’am Virgie, your dream becomes more tangible and easily achievable. Please enjoy some of the photos that were part of the history of my DREAM.

Jenny Dantes

"I came to Canada as a Single Mother in November 2008 as a food counter attendant. Within 10 years time, I am blessed with so many things (own house; stable job; happily married and etc…) but most of all, Canada gave me happiness and contentment. As I always say to Tita Virgie, God uses her as an instrument to change my life. And in my children’s lives. We are now Canadian Citizens and all these things were made possible through Tita Virgie’s help, our Canadian mother. I am currently working at Scotiabank as a Small Business Advisor, and studying Business Administration online.  I am a living testimony that as a Single Mother, if we have goals; dreams and determination nothing is impossible if we believe and never miss an opportunity like this with Tita Virgie."

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Richelle Briones

"I came to Canada in the winter of 2008 with big help from Mrs. Virginia Tang. • I came in on a work permit as a Food Counter Attendant for World Gym in their juice bar. I was promoted as a Supervisor which qualified me to apply for Permanent Residency. After I became a Permanent Resident I was again promoted to the position of General Manager of the gym. I held this job for 9 years. My husband was able to work with A&W with the help of Mrs. Tang. We were able to buy our own house in 2016 and was blessed to have out first child in 2017. After 1-1/2 years of being on Maternity Leave I now work for the City of Grande Prairie in the city’s fitness and wellness centre as a Weight Room Specialist and my husband works for Canada Post. • We are grateful that we have Mrs. Tang to enlighten and most of all assist us with the process. Now we enjoy the privileges and benefits of living in Canada."

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